Danielle Vance MA, LPC, SEP

Licensed Psychotherapist


Conscious & Resilient Relationships

A course that teaches skills

to cut the DRAMA

out of your love life!


How to increase your relationship EQ, how to become more alive and ROCK IT with deeper connections.

with Danielle Vance

Watch this video first to learn where most couples unconsciously create

drama and distance within their connection and what to do instead!

Alex Donaldson

"Before Danielle, I was unaware of these dynamics -- but she's truly opened my eyes to something that was always there and helped me manage relationships with a healthier approach. Setting boundaries and doing this work is ongoing, but to be aware of these dynamics let me take it one step further. Boundary setting has always been difficult for me, but reframing those thoughts around what boundaries look like has allowed me to actually implement them and respect my own needs. It's helped me learn not to compromise my own joy."​



This course is also one of the rare courses to actually help you

integrate what you are learning with SOMATIC (body based)

exercises and tools for that mind/body connection.


Connecting with yourself increases connection with others!


“Working with Danielle has helped me have better, more authentic relationships in all areas of my life—marriage, work, friendships, etc. I’ve learned how to recognize what is and is not my responsibility in and I’ve gotten much better at communicating my needs and setting boundaries more clearly. I’ve also learned new, really effective ways to manage my anxiety and deal with conflict more constructively.

In addition to working with Danielle in person, the online relationships course has helped me get a deeper understanding of concepts like the drama triangle.

The information is presented in a clear, concise way, and I remember things so much better when I can go back and rewatch the videos a couple times.”




Inside the Conscious and Resilient Relationship Course

You will receive information on what the core of all drama

is and how to not only problem solve it,

but finally release it, how healthy boundaries create connection

and the important meaning of conflict and how to navigate it affectively!


What my clients are saying

"Danielle's work is incredible. Together, we strengthened the relationship I have with myself, created an amazing foundation for my marriage, and stronger, more authentic relationships with my family and friends. Her combination of Eastern and Western medicine makes therapy and the tools she uses make sense from a logical and emotional standpoint. Not only has she walked me through the whirlwind of a new marriage, miscarriages, and pregnancy, she's also helped me meld my communication styles and create boundaries that allow me to be truly happy.” 


“Though working with Danielle I not only healed from my trauma wounds, but also became aware of my behavior patterns and how they contributed to unhealthy communication dynamics. While my intention in seeking therapy was healing acute trauma symptoms, Danielle  also helped me to open up and understand my conditioning as the "peacemaker" in a family rife with conflict and encouraged me to set and maintain boundaries. The work I did with Danielle created the foundation for self-confidence and strength upon which I continue to build in healing and self-actualization work. “

John Hildebrand

How the course works:

As soon as you enroll you will receive instant access to all training

modules in the program so you can start taking inspired action in

your relationship NOW.


There is no deadline or expiration date on the course.

(although I have a recommended 5 week schedule)

This means you have access to replay, take your time,

practice and absorb any of the materials.

Click on video for Sample


Drama Triangle

Understand the trap of the Drama Triangle and all the characters we unknowingly play.

Bonus somatic video





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Empowerment Dynamic

The antidote to the Drama Triangle and how to interact in a healthy relational way with your partner, while treating them powerfully.

Bonus somatic video

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Digging into the importance and depth of connection and authenticity that having clear boundaries, naming our real wants and needs provide us.

Bonus somatic video




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Develop and deepen your understanding of the important and critical role conflict plays for safety and trust in your relationship. I walk you through tools and the perspective to no longer be afraid to "hash it out" with your loved one.

 "Your body will tell you what you need to know" is the most important thing I've learned working with Danielle. Through this course, I've been able to tap into my body and listen. It was there all along -- it's truly is amazing what can be learned when you sit and familiarize yourself with what comes up during different experiences, i.e. conflict and setting boundaries. I can't express enough how beneficial this course and the guidance that Danielle provides in her videos is. This work has been vital for my mental health, and I am grateful to have deepened my awareness around these relationship dynamics -- and actually put it into practice!! Thank you, Danielle!"​

Alex Donaldson

“I have always been a person that couldn’t say no when a friend, family member, coworker, etc. was in need. I have been the person that always says yes to showing up for others regardless of the personal cost, and everyone in my life knows they can count on me. Danielle has facilitated my personal growth in these areas in a variety of ways by teaching me that setting boundaries specific to each relationship not only creates the space to remain authentic, but it also frees up energy that I would otherwise be wasting on trying to meet everyone else’s needs before my own. She has helped me to recognize when I am the one breaking my own boundaries to feel like the rescuer, even when no rescuing is required. If it weren’t for the significant work Danielle has done with me over the years, I am certain my cup would never be full again.” ​

Eryn B.

“Danielle has been instrumental in helping me to learn how to use my voice and to prioritize myself. Before I started this work with her, I felt resentment and numbness to the extent that I fell into victimhood constantly, and I would avoid conflict at all costs, always finding fault in others and resenting them for not being able to read my mind or understand me - even though I never had the courage to speak my truth and set boundaries.  As I learned how to identify and enforce better boundaries through somatic work and through exploring my family dynamics with Danielle's knowledge, I learned to titrate my physiological responses to my interactions with family and conflict, and forgive myself for not being perfect along the way.”​



Conscious & Resilient Relationships Course

Will BE Delivered to you by

Training Videos

You will receive training videos with every module in the course. Including a somatic (body integrated) video to give you insight into a bigger - less known aspect of yourself.


Journals and Worksheets

Your written guides are downloadable and printable for notes, tracking feelings and a visual outline for your progress.



Crushing It


Each module provides you with examples and practice to put you in immediate change and awareness in your relationship to start seeing results right away!


To hear others insights, ask burning questions and get more real life examples from me on how to keep your relationship ALIVE!



The Conscious & Resilient Relationships course

ONE time payment

valued over $2000

My clients are people who are...

  • Conscious and aware individuals who are healthy and interested in relationships that actually MATCH who they are.

  • Have big dreams and ideas for what can happen in love - “the potential” with their partners.

  • Interested in tools and perspective that not only create change they are seeking, but change that create resiliency that lasts.

  • People who want to deepen genuine love in their lives and make it last!

“Had I not worked with Danielle I would still be unconscious to unhealthy relationship patterns that I not only was subjected to, but also participated in. It’s difficult to look inside and awaken; Danielle’s nurturing nature makes that possible by giving space for fear to arise comfortably and turn into love.”

Brad S.

“Danielle was the first person to introduce the concepts such as setting and maintaining personal boundaries, attachment styles and patterns, and the importance of being grounded.  She has given me the tools to learn how to work through these things myself and I've seen my personal and professional relationships benefit because of it.  She has always encouraged me to make decisions from a place of authenticity and to trust my inner knowing.  I always take pages of notes during my time with Danielle as the tools and practices she introduces are so incredibly valuable .”​

Ali M.

“To say my journey with Danielle has been life changing would be an understatement. I’ve come to understand the word “boundaries.” Not only do I have a better understanding of what it means to set boundaries, but I have a better sense somatically when my personal boundaries are being violated. I am grateful for Danielle’s wisdom, intuition, presence and guidance. For the first time in my life I’m experiencing self-love and confidence in ways I never thought possible.”​



Got Questions?

I've got answers!

  • 1. What if my partner won’t take this course with me? Will it still be helpful in my relationship?

    Absolutely! Often times one partner is not willing or think it unnecessary to go to therapy or learn therapeutic tools and it certainly does not mean the relationship won’t still get the benefits. If you implement the tools I teach and change only your behavior, your partner will absolutely benefit from your growth. You will also be modeling a noticeably healthy communication style, be more authentic in ALL your relationships and feel like you spend LESS energy with deeper connection.

  • 2. Will this course teach me what I need to know about communicating with my partner?

    Yes. While this is not a course solely on communication, parts of it are clearly designed to help you get to the BOTTOM of where communication breaks down and why we are scared to name our truth. The conflict section explains why being BOLD in our communication strengthens relationship.

  • 3. What if I’m not in a romantic relationship, but looking? How is this course useful for me?

    This course has all the key components to help us be authentic and clear in ALL of our relationships. Even though it is mainly targeted for romantic connection, all relationships from friendships to family become subject to the same issues and problems this course teaches us how to successfully navigate.

  • 4. Is this a self-learning/self paced course?

    Yes. This course is designed for you to use over and over and at your own pace. I offer support with the 1 time group question and answer and the 1:1 personal consult, however, if you did not utilize that support you could still fully understand and put to immediate use!

  • 5. I hear “buzz” words like boundaries and co-dependency all the time, what’s different in this course?

    I will directly define and teach the specifics of not only the concepts of each of those “buzz” words, but how to make them useful and effective in every relationship. I will teach you how to use boundaries to create contact, how to stay healthy and out of “co-dependency patterns”, and why conflict is essential to deepening relationship.

  • 6. What does “resiliency” mean and why is it important for relationships?

    Resiliency means bouncing back quickly and the ability to withstand pressure without breaking, essentially. When we are resilient in relationship, we are less defensive and reactive and more compassionate. Most importantly, we can recover from the intensity relationship conflict and struggle inevitably has and it is less likely to “break” us.

The Conscious & Resilient Relationships course

ONE time payment

valued over $2000